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From the 2024 Album
The Way The World Knew Her

From the 2016 Album LEAP!


Highlight reel from Nashville debut show!  W/ Ty Bailie (Keys), Wil Merrell BGVs), Maureen Murphy (BGVs), Ted Pecchio Bass), and Derrek Phillips (Drums)  (Song excerpt - Never Underestimate)

You're Gonna Figure It Out Someday
W/ Ellen Angelico (Guitar), Heidi Burson (Keys and BGVs), Megan Coleman (Drums), Ryan Madora (Bass), and Wil Merrell (BGVs) 

You Understand That Too and 51 Days, (From the CD Release Show for The Way The World Knew Her ) W/ Megan Coleman (Drums), Amy Frederick (Keys), Ryan Madora (Bass), Amanda McCoy (Guitar), Wil Merrell (BGVs),  and Maureen Murphy (BGVs)

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