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Photo Journal 

Back in the Summer of 2021, thankful that I wasn't dead from Covid, I decided to go down to Nashville, get in a studio with the best of the best and record some of my new songs. And so it began...


Arrangements made and demos sent, I head into The Studio Nashville with no idea of what's about to happen behind that pink door!  Don't let the smile fool you - I am shitting my pants.

Within a couple of hours, I'm in the vocal booth being enveloped in the fabric these guys are weaving together.  


JD Simo - Guitar


Ted Pecchio - Bass

Then this happens...


Jano Rix - 

2022-08-08 18.32.34.JPG

Brook Sutton - Engineer

Derrek 2.jpg

Derrek Phillips - Drums

IMG_3740 2_edited.jpg

I realize on my way back to NY that this is the community I need and want to be a part of.  I go back to NY and break the news to my family and friends:  I'm moving to Nashville.
Six months later...  


A 6 song EP turns into a full-length album, and during the second recording session, this happens:

Wil Merrell - Background Vocals

Maureen Murphy - Background Vocals


Meanwhile, I'm finding my way as a new Nashvillian.  Meeting more incredible people (some of whom also happen to be among the world's best musicians), and putting shows together.  


l-r, Derrek Phillips, Ty Bailie, Maureen Murphy, me, Ted Pecchio, Wil Merrell

Solo shows!

IMG_8047 2.JPG

A residency with Fimone, Stefanie Clark Harris and Vince DeWald!

An evening with Jano Rix and Maureen Murphy!


Dream team of Heidi Burson, Ryan Madora, Megan Coleman, and Ellen Angelico.

New Faces night at The Basement with Vince and Jimmy DeWald and Derrek Phillips.

CD Release Show for
The Way The World Knew Her!!!!!

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