Individual and Group Consultation

When mental health practitioners find that we are not feeling as useful as we could be, it can impact our ability to be fully present, and may even take a toll on our confidence.  When this occurs, consultation can be extremely helpful.   



Some of the benefits of consultation for IFS Therapists and Practitioners include:​

  • Deepening of your own IFS understanding and skills

  • Feedback and suggestions around cases that may be difficult for you

  • Identifying trailheads to parts of you that are getting triggered by your clients' parts

Group consultation has the added benefits of:

  • Collegial support in a "home group" environment

  • Group discussions around any aspect of the IFS model and how we use it in our practice

Groups can be up to 4 participants.  You can form your own, or let me know of your interest and i will put groups together as interest and availability allow.